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Let's face it, the restaurant industry is expensive. Equipment and supplies required to run a restaurant can also be very expensive. When your budget is to the brink, adding on additional supplies for the kitchen may seem next to impossible. Inevitably you will make what you have work, no matter what its condition may be. Granted this may get you by, it will still only be a temporary and often dangerous fix. By not replacing kitchen supplies you're financially hurting yourself and could potentially hurt employees in the long run. Think about the leaky faucet on the 3 compartment sink that you refuse to replace. Over time that little bit of wasted water will add up to a lot of wasted money on your utilities. Or consider the ice machine that hasn't had its filters changed since the day it was installed. Not only is your machine wasting electricity by running harder than it should, it's also slowly breaking down and bringing the quantity and consistency of the ice along with it. What about employee over head? Working with dull knives, broken can openers, poorly operating cooking equipment, and wobbly prep tables all slow down your kitchen. A slow kitchen due to faulty equipment means less production, more overhead and long line of unhappy staff and customers. Most importantly however, is your crew's safety. Restaurant equipment and supplies can be dangerous when not handled properly or when being used in a manner not originally intended. The prep guy who has to over work the slicer because of a dull blade or slipping belt is in a dangerous position. The tools should do the work for you. Don't put your employees in danger by making them use questionable equipment that requires special instructions to operate normally. If dangerous equipment is not running properly then it needs to be serviced or replaced immediately.

Restaurant supplies in a kitchen are not a luxury, they are a requirement. These are the tools of the trade and every item large or small plays its role in production. As the kitchen manager its important to inspect what you have periodically and to listen to your staff's feedback. You may not be at the line, but your crew is and they can tell when they aren't getting what they should out of their tools. It won't hurt to ask them during meetings if anything has been giving them trouble in the kitchen. This way you'll know what needs to be replaced, what's not producing, and what items are giving everyone a hard time. Although you may not be able to get everything at once you can still get a few of the items that will help kitchen production. But as a rule though, you should never leave an item that is dangerous or requires abnormal operating instruction to work. Again, these things need to be serviced or replaced immediately.

So you know what needs to be replaced, serviced and your shopping list is ready. The next step is to get into your local restaurant supply store and get started. Most restaurant supply companies will be more than happy to take a list of what you need and provide you with a quote. Companies like Jean's Restaurant Supply will also accept electronic lists in through email or fax and get started on finding the right items and prices for you. If you're not fortunate enough to be near a restaurant supply store then take shipping times into consideration. Smaller items like tongs and knives can be sent overnight but heavy equipment will take a few days to get to your door and may require some additional installation. Always verbally confirm with a sales person at the supply store when your item should be arriving especially when its a time sensitive delivery. Often there are shipping disclaimers that will specify cut off times and buffer hours before a package physically leaves the warehouse.

There are many good companies out there to help you with your kitchen needs. Jean's Restaurant Supply offers a large list of restaurant supplies and restaurant supply products. They also take restaurant supply requests electronically so you can save yourself the time of leaving your restaurant or kitchen. If you want to browse conveniently online then take a look at their website where you can read product descriptions and get a pricing on their huge inventory of items. You can also call them to ask any questions on specifications, installation requirements or product suggestions.

Restaurant Business : Where to Buy Restaurant Supplies
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